Project News

June 2020 meeting minutes

2020-06-25 19:00 UTC Mattermost meeting channel Proceedings Meeting started at 19:01 by Colin Finck. Point 1: Achievements and Future Outlook Point 2: GSoC 2020 Status Point 3: Channel moderation Point 4: 0.4.14 release status Point 5: Unifying our contribution guidelines and handling Pull Requests Point 1: Achievements and Future Outlook Amine Khaldi worked on the built-in PCH CMake, the flex/bison PR and some other minor tasks. Can Ta┼čan continued to test Microsoft Office 2003 on ReactOS and caught two regressions.

Victor Perevertkin hired full-time to work on the storage stack

I am proud to announce that ReactOS Deutschland e.V. has hired Victor Perevertkin to work full-time on the ReactOS storage stack for the next 3 months. Victor has been a proven contributor to various ReactOS components since 2018. He already got deep into the kernel side of things when writing Btrfs boot sector code in his GSoC debut, later managed the integration of a new USB stack, and recently touched nearly all parts of ReactOS when preparing it for the major upgrade to a new compiler toolchain.

ReactOS Build Environment 2.2 released

The ReactOS Build Environment (RosBE), our curated set of compilers and build tools, has just received a major upgrade. After more than 7 years of using the same and now ancient GCC 4.7.2, ReactOS is finally going to be built with the help of a modern compiler (GCC 8.4.0). Among other things, the new version better detects programming mistakes like improperly sized buffers, and comes with improved error messages to pinpoint such mistakes to the corresponding position in code.

March 2020 meeting minutes

2020-03-26 19:00 UTC Mattermost meeting channel Proceedings Meeting started at 19:05 by Colin Finck. Point 1: Achievements and Future Outlook Point 2: GSoC 2020 Status Point 3: Drop one theme from the default package Point 4: Hire a developer for dev-web interface and/or devops for our infrastructure Point 5: GitHub PR situation Point 1: Achievements and Future Outlook Stanislav Motylkov is currently preparing a cumulative update for his SMBIOS parser code in sysdm.

ReactOS 0.4.13 released

The ReactOS Team is pleased to announce the release of version 0.4.13. As with prior releases, keywords are noted representing the release itself and highlighting key improvements. In this particular case, the 0.4.13 version shows the results of significant hard work to bring improvements to the USB stack, further development on the Xbox port boot process, an Explorer File Search for the Shell module, as well as many other changes.

The New ReactOS Website

Today, I am pleased to announce the launch of the new ReactOS website. Several old and new ReactOS members have worked on it since Hackfest 2018 with the goal of providing a lean website with a focus on development activity and contributions. It was born out of frustration with the old site, which made following ReactOS progress unnecessarily difficult. With its CMS also long past its due date, it was decided to create a modern ReactOS website from scratch using the excellent Hugo static site generator.

January 2020 meeting minutes

2020-01-30 19:00 UTC Mattermost meeting channel Regular meetings are now resumed, and so are the meeting minutes. The meetings are currently planned to be held bi-monthly going forward. Proceedings Meeting started at 19:01 by Colin Finck. Point 1: Our GSoC 2020 Application Point 2: RosBE 2.2 and what's blocking it Point 3: ReactOS 0.4.13 and what's blocking it Point 4: FOSDEM: Planning for the upcoming weekend in Brussels Point 1: Our GSoC 2020 Application The deadline for GSoC 2020 is the 5th of february.

ReactOS 0.4.12 released

The ReactOS team is pleased to announce the release of version 0.4.12. As always a multitude of improvements have been made to all parts of the OS, though userland components saw special emphasis this time around. Kernel improvements Filesystem drivers require a great deal of support to function correctly, and there is arguably no truer test of ReactOS’ FS infrastructure than being able to run Microsoft’s own FS drivers.

Inside ReactOS Deutschland e.V. - Annual Report 2018

The Annual Report 2018 of ReactOS Deutschland e.V., the non-profit organization supporting the ReactOS Project, has just been finished. In the past, these reports have exclusively been published on the ReactOS Deutschland e.V. subsite, but only got little attention there. Hence, the latest report is now released on the main ReactOS website. In our quest for transparency, we hope that the report offers an insight into the foundation's activities in 2018 and the plans for 2019.

New Discussion Platform

After decades on IRC and around 3 months of internal testing, the ReactOS Project has officially switched to a self-hosted Mattermost server as its main discussion platform. Mattermost is a modern open-source solution for team communication, eliminating many of the limits of IRC: Ever missed an opportunity to contact a person, because that person wasn't on IRC at the same time as yourself? Ever thought "A picture is worth a thousand words", but were too lazy to look up an image hosting service, publish your image there, and then post a link to IRC?