[ros-diffs] [tkreuzer] 49563: [GENINCDATA] Fix a bug that caused excessive quotes in the output

tkreuzer at svn.reactos.org tkreuzer at svn.reactos.org
Thu Nov 11 15:29:21 UTC 2010

Author: tkreuzer
Date: Thu Nov 11 15:29:20 2010
New Revision: 49563

URL: http://svn.reactos.org/svn/reactos?rev=49563&view=rev
Fix a bug that caused excessive quotes in the output


Modified: branches/cmake-bringup/include/asm/genincdata.c
URL: http://svn.reactos.org/svn/reactos/branches/cmake-bringup/include/asm/genincdata.c?rev=49563&r1=49562&r2=49563&view=diff
--- branches/cmake-bringup/include/asm/genincdata.c [iso-8859-1] (original)
+++ branches/cmake-bringup/include/asm/genincdata.c [iso-8859-1] Thu Nov 11 15:29:20 2010
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
 #define TYPE_CONSTANT 2
 #define TYPE_HEADER 3
-#define RAW(x) {TYPE_RAW, #x, 0}
+#define RAW(x) {TYPE_RAW, x, 0}
 #define CONSTANT(name) {TYPE_CONSTANT, #name, name}
 #define OFFSET(name, struct, member) {TYPE_CONSTANT, #name, FIELD_OFFSET(struct, member)}
 #define RELOFFSET(name, struct, member, to) {TYPE_CONSTANT, #name, FIELD_OFFSET(struct, member) - FIELD_OFFSET(struct, to)}

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