[ros-dev] Application for participation in GSOC 2020

Chaitanya Gadgil chaitanya.ei19 at bmsce.ac.in
Tue Mar 3 11:05:14 UTC 2020

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is Chaitanya Gadgil from Bengaluru,India. I am a first year
under-graduate student pursuing Electronics and Instrumentation
I am interested to work with your organization for the GSoC 2020. I am
interested to work on the end user development project "Application manager
Goal setting with the project:
Improvising user-system interactions
Easier management of installed applications

My skills are:
1.Programming knowledge in both C and C++
2.Data structures and database management systems
3.Basics of MATLAB and Arduino
4. Mathematics
5. SQL
Member of:
The International Society of Automation
The New York Academy of Sciences
The Mathematical society of BMSCE

Courses enrolled:
Networking using IOT

Developing Smart Wearables using Integrated Sensor Network Architecture
Developing an algorithmic approach to track malnutrition in India

It would be a wonderful experience for me to work with your organization
and collaborating for the project.
It would be helpful if I can contact a mentor immediately so that I can
interact and start working as soon as possible on the project.
I am also willing to improve my skills if needed.
I can guarantee of setting a good time for the project as I will be having

Chaitanya Gadgil
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