[ros-dev] Status Meeting (May 2018) - topic "get the demo laptop running completly and enable automated tests"

Colin Finck colin at reactos.org
Wed May 30 16:00:21 UTC 2018

Am 30.05.2018 um 09:39 schrieb michael at fritscher.net:
>   * (unformated) printing (already working)

Unfortunately, my demonstration back in 2015 was merely a
proof-of-concept using low-level printer APIs.
They work indeed, however almost every Win32 printing application uses
the high-level GDI APIs or a datatype conversion through a printer
driver. Both parts are still unimplemented.

Nevertheless, carrying a printer is hardly an option for most
exhibitions, so I don't consider this too important when we only talk
about demonstration purposes.

> I think the main stumbling is the lack of automated tests on the laptop.
> So I would suggest to enable one of the laptops to do automated testing.
> At one point, ros could even be booted via PXE, so it should be fairly
> easy.
> Either we could put it into the data center rack, or I'm willing to
> build and host such a setup at home.
> Either way, I'm willing to donate a IP KVM switch and a network power
> switch to make such setup possible.

Everyone, please remember that a similar setup is already in place at my
home and completely unused: The Kaasimir GPU Testing Machine.

I have built a 4-port network power switch for it (supporting either
simple circuit switching, power/reset button switching or Wake-on-LAN)
and Kaasimir comes with two Raritan eRIC KVM-over-IP cards.

I've basically been waiting for interested developers since my
presentation in August to hand them an account and let them improve
ReactOS GPU support.
But maybe the machine is even more interesting when we connect one of
its KVM-over-IP cards to a Dell Latitude D531 ReactOS testing laptop.
Would require working ReactOS PXE support, how far has that progressed?
And who would actually benefit from such a setup? I don't want to put
time into this if nobody wants to work with that setup anyway..

- Colin

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