[ros-dev] Licensing - Make ReactOS conform again!

Colin Finck colin at reactos.org
Thu Aug 17 23:53:46 UTC 2017

Hi all!

I've held a presentation at Hackfest today regarding Licensing Best 
Practices, different positions about the GPL and its influence, and ways 
to improve ReactOS' conformance with all involved licenses.

I think we should treat this subject even more seriously than others, 
given that we are an Open-Source project trying to provide an 
alternative to a proprietary product. Also licensing questions arise 
from time to time, which is why we should collect some answers.

Please watch the video at https://youtu.be/OTVVz9VLisU or see the slides 
Discussions are open now! :)
But if there are no objections, let's introduce SPDX license headers, 
.ABOUT files, and a complete license list as soon as possible.



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