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Alex Ionescu ionucu at videotron.ca
Thu Oct 20 22:57:24 UTC 2011

These will all be non-issues with the new RosBE.

It was basically user error. Users did not know how to use addr2line, plus the version in RosBE is broken. The new RosBE will have a working version, plus a script to make it easier for users so they don't have to read a help file to learn how to use the tool.

Best regards,
Alex Ionescu

On 2011-10-20, at 3:03 PM, dmex wrote:

> Another blocker is the CMake backtrace problems reported by Caemyr if their
> still not fixed.
> Btw what will be the RC release of ROS, CMake or RBuild?
> Quote:
> 1. the whole process takes minutes more per frame: you need the base
> address, add the offset and type in the addr2line command
> 2. base address from kdbg: mod is not reliable, as modules might be
> relocated. addr2line doesn't know about that...
> 3. C++ function names are not demangled. For those modules that are written
> in c++ you will only get source lines, unless you check them up manually.
> 4. Being somewhat experienced, i see no way how i`m to explain newcomer how
> to do a backtrace... on the other hand, do you expect anyone to waste half
> an hour doing so?
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> Hello!
> Time flies fast, and soon we are going to face the deadline (next status
> meeting) by which we decided to create a RC of the upcoming release. 
> And, there are some problems.
> I will start from good stuff. Since the last meeting took place, quite a few
> regressions were fixed, and interesting bugs have also been closed. 
> This is very good and I appreciate your efforts.
> However some problems remains, and here is where your help is urgently
> needed! For the current milestone (0.3.14), there are 3 blocker regressions
> and 2 big buckets of issues - ldr rewrite regressions and
> shell32 rewrite regressions.
> From blocker stuff, the most important is the heap-related one. 
> Mephisto provided a good explanation here
> (http://www.reactos.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=5857), and we need someone
> with a fresh eye to look into this problem. N.B. Please don't go into "let's
> fix some unrelated stuff in the heap code just to make it better". Look
> strictly into the specified bug and try to spot the place where the heap
> lists are getting corrupted.
> Anyone volunteers to have a look?
> LDR regressions: there are relatively many of them, but all are more-or-less
> nicely fixable because of the new, good LDR code. Alex - maybe you could
> please devote a bit of your time to check the code and see if that fixes
> some of the regressions?
> shell32 regressions: I already see some improvements being committed, please
> continue this way.
> We can make a good 0.3.14 release only if we act as a team now. It's not
> someone, it's YOUR help which matters. Testers are already doing as much as
> they can, retesting issues, providing newer debug logs, and other other
> things. Now it's time to act and fix regressions before moving further. It's
> just stupid to move further, if a rewrite introduces new bugs instead of
> fixing existing. I know how hard it is, but let's finish smaller steps and
> hence move forward.
> There is no way forward at all if old bugs are stacked and new regressions
> are introduced all the time. We can't bring in new good changes (wine syncs,
> 3rd party code syncs, arwinss, whatever else) until
> 0.3.14 is ready, and 0.3.14 is not ready until blocking regressions are
> fixed. As simple as it is.
> Thanks for reading and I hope you understand.
> With the best regards,
> Aleksey Bragin.
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