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Another blocker is the CMake backtrace problems reported by Caemyr if their
still not fixed.

Btw what will be the RC release of ROS, CMake or RBuild?

1. the whole process takes minutes more per frame: you need the base
address, add the offset and type in the addr2line command
2. base address from kdbg: mod is not reliable, as modules might be
relocated. addr2line doesn't know about that...
3. C++ function names are not demangled. For those modules that are written
in c++ you will only get source lines, unless you check them up manually.
4. Being somewhat experienced, i see no way how i`m to explain newcomer how
to do a backtrace... on the other hand, do you expect anyone to waste half
an hour doing so?

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Time flies fast, and soon we are going to face the deadline (next status
meeting) by which we decided to create a RC of the upcoming release. 
And, there are some problems.

I will start from good stuff. Since the last meeting took place, quite a few
regressions were fixed, and interesting bugs have also been closed. 
This is very good and I appreciate your efforts.

However some problems remains, and here is where your help is urgently
needed! For the current milestone (0.3.14), there are 3 blocker regressions
and 2 big buckets of issues - ldr rewrite regressions and
shell32 rewrite regressions.

 From blocker stuff, the most important is the heap-related one. 
Mephisto provided a good explanation here
(http://www.reactos.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=5857), and we need someone
with a fresh eye to look into this problem. N.B. Please don't go into "let's
fix some unrelated stuff in the heap code just to make it better". Look
strictly into the specified bug and try to spot the place where the heap
lists are getting corrupted.
Anyone volunteers to have a look?

LDR regressions: there are relatively many of them, but all are more-or-less
nicely fixable because of the new, good LDR code. Alex - maybe you could
please devote a bit of your time to check the code and see if that fixes
some of the regressions?

shell32 regressions: I already see some improvements being committed, please
continue this way.

We can make a good 0.3.14 release only if we act as a team now. It's not
someone, it's YOUR help which matters. Testers are already doing as much as
they can, retesting issues, providing newer debug logs, and other other
things. Now it's time to act and fix regressions before moving further. It's
just stupid to move further, if a rewrite introduces new bugs instead of
fixing existing. I know how hard it is, but let's finish smaller steps and
hence move forward.

There is no way forward at all if old bugs are stacked and new regressions
are introduced all the time. We can't bring in new good changes (wine syncs,
3rd party code syncs, arwinss, whatever else) until
0.3.14 is ready, and 0.3.14 is not ready until blocking regressions are
fixed. As simple as it is.

Thanks for reading and I hope you understand.

With the best regards,
Aleksey Bragin.

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