[ros-dev] Project Promotion

Mario Frank kaion at gmx.de
Mon Oct 17 22:40:17 UTC 2011

Dear ReactOS Developers,

I follow this Project for some time now and really like it.
Currently, I just test Reactos, since I have not much time
to contribute.
But this will change in future.

I am a german cs Student and would like to promote this Project.

As every year, there is an Open Source Convention in my university
(Potsdam), where Open Souce Systems are introduced.
Unfortunately, ReactOS is not well known to students in my

Thus, I had the Idea to get some attention for this project.

Is there someone who could make some kind of poster.

If someone would provide some, I could print it and hang it out to
make some Promotion.

Greetings, Eladrion

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