[ros-dev] Two petitions

caemyr at myopera.com caemyr at myopera.com
Sun Oct 16 01:07:03 UTC 2011


Its still at least two weeks until next meeting, hence i suppose ros-dev could be used in decision making even before that. I have two things i would like to push, things that i discussed a bit with varioius team memebers on IRC and got positive feedback. I would like you guys to comment on those and if you feel that one of both of them are wrong/unnecessary/not needed, please voice it out here. If there is no opposition for them, i`ll consider those two accepted and push for them to be finialised. Here we go:

1. Adding a default theme to ReactOS.
We need at least one to test Themes service in trunk ootb and avoid copying it to ros install each time, which is really important in regression testing. Also, a theme is a must for our upcoming release. Since its not a big file usually, it should be present in trunk, not only in release ISO.

2. Moving Starfield screensaver from rosapps to trunk.
Rosapps, no matter how much cheered, is a wasteland, a museum, a forgotten place. It will not be even buildable when we move away from rbuild. Old and unneeded code should land there, but not a new creation Carlo has been working on. Apart from that, Starfield is using OpenGL, which is also a handy ootb test tool for 3d acceleration, also important in regression testing. If you think that two screensavers are the top amount you can accept, then lets replace one of the trunk screensavers with Starfield.

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