[ros-dev] Bugfixing mode

Aleksey Bragin aleksey at reactos.org
Tue Oct 11 08:38:52 UTC 2011

As per discussion during the last status meeting, I proposed to set  
up a deadline for having a 0.3.14 Release Candidate available by the  
time of the next meeting.
Olaf, Amine and others were kind enough to make an up-to-date list of  
critical bugs and regressions to be fixed. It's available here:  
http://www.reactos.org/wiki/Buglist (indeed this page should be in  
your web browser's Favorites!) .

I want to ask all of you to concentrate on fixing regressions and  
critical/blocker bugs first, before going into fancy features or  
implementing something else. It's really important, we need to make  
0.3.14 as the last release before switching to 0.4. We have all  
necessary prerequisites, and just need to sit down and fix regressions.

I personally put off all of my ReactOS-related "fancy" projects  
because I want a solid trunk first, and I am working only on stuff  
which is urgently needed - fixing remaining LDR rewrite regressions,  
special pool to catch pool corruptions, etc. It's meaningless to work  
on something else now if regressions aren't fixed.

Hopefully you will follow my advice and we will have a wonderful  
bugfixing week(s)!

Thank you!

Aleksey Bragin.

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