[ros-dev] CMake adoption

caemyr at myopera.com caemyr at myopera.com
Sat Oct 8 15:50:17 UTC 2011

You might know me as a stout supporter of CMake transition, but a single experience shattered my certainity. Today i tried to resolve a backtrace for a bug report, done with a cmake iso. The results were horrendous.  The backtrace was lenghty, but on rbuild such task would take around 15 mintues for me, having all files extracted and prepped log.. At the present moment, cmake bt resolving is a total mess and practically prevents anyone doing such log. I might not be a programmer, but was somewhat skilled in my testers duties, also as some recall, i loved doing manual traces by raddr2line. With cmake - i hate it:

1. the whole process takes minutes more per frame: you need the base address, add the offset and type in the addr2line command
2. base address from kdbg: mod is not reliable, as modules might be relocated. addr2line doesn't know about that...
3. C++ function names are not demangled. For those modules that are written in c++ you will only get source lines, unless you check them up manually.
4. Being somewhat experienced, i see no way how i`m to explain newcomer how to do a backtrace... on the other hand, do you expect anyone to waste half an hour doing so?

This HAS to be resolved before rbuild is put to retirement. Amine was talking about getting back to rsym - sure, why not? Anything that works will be better than current situation.

With best regards

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