[ros-dev] Proposal for deletion

Aleksey Bragin aleksey at reactos.org
Sun Oct 2 20:14:06 UTC 2011

It's been too much time since the last icu4ros-related commit, so I  
fully support creating a branch (is anyone going to work on it  
really? But ok, let's create it then) and removing it from trunk.


On Oct 2, 2011, at 11:59 PM, Pierre Schweitzer wrote:

> Hi,
> today, after looking at the daily source analysis we have, I found out
> that all that stuff could be improved by lightening trunk. We have  
> huge
> amount of unused code (even not linked in CMake) rotting in trunk.
> I'm mainly talking about icu4ros. AFAIK it was an attempt from KJK  
> for I
> even don't recall what.
> Here is my proposal: we do a branch for this. And then, we remove it
> from trunk. This will make things lighter, without loosing code.
> Any objections/comments?
> Regards,
> Pierre

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