[ros-dev] Tools and ways for our development

Pierre Schweitzer pierre at reactos.org
Sun Oct 2 19:21:53 UTC 2011


answering inlined.

Le jeudi 29 septembre 2011 à 23:06 +0200, Matthias Kupfer a écrit :
> - Hudson for automatic build and checking the source (see below)

Instead of using hudson, we're using buildbot here.

> - cpplint.py (by Google) for some checking the source

I didn't know that tool, I will look at it.

> - cppcheck for another check of the source

You can find daily cppcheck runs at:
http://fezile.reactos.org/cppcheck/. I'm currently working on
configuration to get runs more and more accurate.

> - doxygen for checking the missing documentation (in that special case check 
> only by tricky configuration instead of costly generating all documentation 
> files)

Since most of the ReactOS is not documented, or not documented in a
doxygen way, this would require high amount of time. Especially since
running doxygen takes times on ReactOS.
But at least, this sentence raises a good ReactOS problem:
documentation. A real effort should be done on that point.

As a reminder, you can find daily doxygen output at:

> - format the source code (after agreement of all devs) in a uniform style with 
> astyle before commit (for ReactOS better as commit hook)

This could be indeed a good idea... Problem is old code in quite bad

As a reminder, we also have a coding style guide available here:

> - finally we gather all check results in one table and mark the results for 
> hudson as stable (if no errors), failed (in case of any errors), unstable (in 
> case of some low-prio warnings)

This is somehow what we have with testman, even if it should probably be
improved to get more results.

As a reminder, you can find testman at: http://www.reactos.org/testman


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