[ros-dev] Ge Van Geldorp

Ged Murphy gedmurphy at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 03:31:11 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I write this mail with great sadness, but I've recently been informed
that Ge Van Geldorp, one of the original and important contributers to
the ReactOS project has recently passed away.
Having met up with him personally, I can say with some confidence that
he was not only blessed with an impressive skill in the hobby /
industry we all love, but was also a man of great integrity.

Being one of my original mentors in reactos, and having spent time
busting our guts at various linux projects with him trying to convince
the unix fanatics of the merits of NT, I can assure you that this he
was both a great colleague and friend. I'm sure all the old school
reactos devs would more than agree.

I propose we have some sort of eulogy on our homepage. I'd be more
than willing to compose something.
If people would like to send their thoughts, wishes or memories, I'd
be more than happy to compile them.


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