[ros-dev] New WS2.2 Binary

Alex Ionescu ionucu at videotron.ca
Sun Oct 30 20:33:32 CET 2005


It turns out there was another big bug that I released the binary with, 
related to a recent untested RAS Auto-dial feature, which made the DLL 
crash almost instantly in most programs.

I've fixed the build and this time did some extensive testing to avoid 
having another bad release. I've tested, with success, IE6, Filezilla, 
Firefox, Thundebird, Outlook Express, MIRC. As well, I'm happy to report 
that MSN Messenger 7.5 and Azureus also work fine on my system, so add 
those 2 apps to known working.

I'm still interested in Opera, other P2P clients, Chat clients, IRC 
clients and Mozilla itself.

Thanks again!

Best regards,
Alex Ionescu


Revision: 27
Date: 1:23:52 PM, October 30, 2005
- Fix regressions/bugs in last patch:
  * Fix Query validation checks
  * Fix Query signature not being set anywhere
- Fix DLL_THREAD_DETACH leaking into DLL_PROCESS_DETACH due to missing 
break; statement.

Revision: 26
Date: 1:35:21 AM, October 30, 2005
- Major refactoring of NS Query Object:
  * Remove active calls field and operations
  * Add RefCount member and provide referencing/dereferencing mechanisms
  * Implement WsNqValidateAndReference for validation and referencing
  * Add preliminary special support for providers supporting NSPIoctl
  * Rewrite most of WsNqLookupServiceNext to work with more optimized 
semantics and NSPIoctl support.
  * Fixed some potential locking/race issues.

Revision: 25
Date: 11:03:00 PM, October 29, 2005
- Fix WsRasLoadHelperDll:
  * Do proper check for initialization
  * Actually save the loaded DLL handle after loading the DLL, instead 
of failing
- Make the NS Query object initalizer set TryAgain to TRUE so that RAS 
Auto-Dial will function normally.

Alex Ionescu wrote:

> Hello again,
> I recently noticed a large regression in this release which made it
> almost unusable in most applications. I apologize for the oversight, and
> I've included a fixed binary, which also fixes some name resolution bugs.
> Best regards,
> Alex Ionescu

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