[ros-dev] Move.c from cmd

Brandon Turner turnerb7 at msu.edu
Thu Oct 27 23:10:33 CEST 2005

These are not the only problems with move.c, there are others and it is 
documented in the subsys\system\cmd\todo.txt what else needs to be 
done(pretty much a ton of clean up).  As it is in the todo list it 
something I plan on doing, I dont have a ton of time for ROS right now 
so things in my list might not get done soon.  So if you feel up to, go 
ahead and fix move and i can answer any questions you might have.  But 
rest assured it will be fixed sometime near future.


Mikhail Y. Zvyozdochkin wrote:

> Hi all!
> Two small notes on MOVE command implementation:
> 1) option /Y isn't described in En.rc (and, ergo, in ALL translations);
> 2) NOT ALL hardcoded strings was moved from source. Yes, this 
> ConOutPuts will never compiled (under #if 0), but maybe it's better to 
> remove this dead code?
> WBR,
>   DarkHobbit
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