Ant: Re: [ros-dev] mingw32-make erros in rbuild

Hartmut Birr osexpert at
Thu Oct 27 18:31:41 CEST 2005


if you have a sh.exe in the search path, make uses sh.exe instead of cmd.exe to execute some of the commands. Sh.exe 
doesn't understand paths which are containing back slashes. describes, how you can setup a build 

- Hartmut

tobitosso wrote:
> --- Royce Mitchell III <royce3 at> schrieb:
>> tobitosso wrote:
>>> perhaps even Windows itself understand using /
>> instead
>>> of \.
>> No, Windows does *not* understand using / instead of
>> \ in all the cases 
>> we need for rbuild.
>> Your suggestions will break the build for those not
>> using your build 
>> environment ( the majority of us )
> I reinstalled MinGW and MSYS yesterday before sending
> this e-mail and now everything worked until using
> is started.(I used the original sources
> not the ones changed by me). In,
> mingw32-make doesn't find some file in
> APPS\UTILS\NET\ARP which actually exists because it
> looks for somethingAPPSUTILSNETARPsomething in the
> toplevel dir.
> Is there code in rbuild that changes / to \ in pathes
> when generating If yes, please tell me
> where and don't just say my MSYS and MinGW is wrong.
> If not, where are the \ in pathes introduced in making
> Thanks
> tobitosso

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