Ant: Re: [ros-dev] mingw32-make erros in rbuild

tobitosso patriciak784-ros at
Thu Oct 27 17:00:52 CEST 2005

--- Royce Mitchell III <royce3 at> schrieb:

> tobitosso wrote:
> >perhaps even Windows itself understand using /
> instead
> >of \.
> >  
> >
> No, Windows does *not* understand using / instead of
> \ in all the cases 
> we need for rbuild.
> Your suggestions will break the build for those not
> using your build 
> environment ( the majority of us )
I reinstalled MinGW and MSYS yesterday before sending
this e-mail and now everything worked until using is started.(I used the original sources
not the ones changed by me). In,
mingw32-make doesn't find some file in
APPS\UTILS\NET\ARP which actually exists because it
looks for somethingAPPSUTILSNETARPsomething in the
toplevel dir.
Is there code in rbuild that changes / to \ in pathes
when generating If yes, please tell me
where and don't just say my MSYS and MinGW is wrong.
If not, where are the \ in pathes introduced in making




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