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Sorry, just realised I sent this to your address, instead of the list.

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> Please do me a favour: just take a look at his 98/95 micro 
> (hybrid) and then tell me again what you think. He has even 
> reduced it to flash card.

I'm not talking about how many features you can remove from 9x, or how small
and fast you can make it. I'm talking about it's architectural design. The
kernel, memory management, GDI. It's inherently insecure and unstable. To
take one or two examples:

Most of the GDI is nonreentrant. It applies system wide mutex's blocking
other threads.
Process memory is visible and writable from all other process, meaning any
process can potentially corrupt data used by another process.
Parts of the kernel mode are writable from user mode.
There is no security system worth mentioning.
There are many many other design issues and I don't know, and am not about
to start listing them all.

The NT design solved these issues.

> No future for 9x? Microsoft is making threats, but it is 
> still supporting 9x.

They are still supporting it (to an extent) because it's a problem they
created, and it has their name written all over it. There are still too many
9x users floating about to cast it aside.

> They are not so brash that they would insult their client base.

It wasn't meant as an insult. You've taken this too seriously.

> What makes you so cocksure of yourself?

I'm not.

> His software cost me $45  and I got good service and it works 
> first time, it is so lean that I can make a ghost backup in 
> under 3 minutes.

Great. But it's still 3 minutes of backing up a bad system which could have
been time better spent :p (I'm being sarcastic)

> I have been running a test for three weeks on a separate 
> machine, without any protection, except that provided by a 
> router, I have even rejected the Windows Updates. Admittedly 
> I don't surf, but in principle and under restricted 
> conditions it works. 

Running with no protection is crazy, even if you have locked down your
Not monitoring your system using the correct precautions is irresponsible.

> And what is more Shane does not blame his users. 
> Nor does he resort to cheap shots.

I'm sorry you have taken this to heart, is was not meant like that.

> ReactOS, after three expensive downloads, still does not work.
> But I am still not giving up on it, nor you for that matter.

Expensive? It's completely free, where is the cost?

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