[ros-dev] Function stubs

Alex Ionescu ionucu at videotron.ca
Thu Oct 27 00:29:36 CEST 2005

crashfourit wrote:

> Does React OS have function Stubs for unimplemented Windows NT 4.0 
> API? Does React OS log an attempted call to an unimplemented API, tell 
> the user where to find it in the source tree? I believe this would 
> help speed up the development process of ROS.

There are very few NT4 APIs that are not implemented, but yes, the core 
stuff has stubs. Yes, there is a message about this including the source 
file where it's located. And we have an API Status page for viewing this 
information graphically.

A simple look at the source code would've answered this question...

Best regards,
Alex Ionescu

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