[ros-dev] mingw32-make erros in rbuild

tobitosso patriciak784-ros at yahoo.de
Wed Oct 26 16:23:33 CEST 2005

--- Ge van Geldorp <gvg at reactos.org> wrote:
> That's the problem probably. When you use MSYS,
> "make" will use its shell
> program to execute subcommands. The shell doesn't
> understand backslashes.
> Remove MSYS and CygWin from your path and try again.
> Gé van Geldorp.
The backlslash problem can be easily solved by editing
the Makefile. Line 230: 	SEP = \$(ROS_EMPTY);
replace it with 	SEP = /$(ROS_EMPTY). MinGW, MSYS and
perhaps even Windows itself understand using / instead
of \. Then the build process works until using
Makfile.auto is used. I think replacing / with \ in
Makefile.auto in MinGW on Windows is coded in the
rbuild sources. This is senseless as I wrote above.
Please remove these lines because then, I will be able
to build the other parts of ReactOS, too. If you don't
want to change the files in SVN-Repository first,
please send the changed sources to me per e-mail.



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