[ros-dev] 0.2.8 RC2 planned realse on Monday.

Maarten Bosma maarten.paul at bosma.de
Sun Oct 23 09:45:59 CEST 2005


I have downloaded RC1 qemu preinstalled and I found 2 things anoying 
with it. The first is that network does not work
for me. The secound is that the resultion is set to 600x400x8. That is 
not even enought for the change resution dialog to
it on the screen. Yes I know about the tab-key but it is still anyoing.

Maarten Bosma

Brandon Turner wrote:

> As you might know this is the last release Robert will be able to do 
> for a while(long term).  So I will be trying to fill his spot while he 
> is gone.  Monday works out for us to be the best time where we can 
> work together and he can show me everything that goes into packaging 
> the release.  Because of this we are going to do RC2 on this day.   I 
> need the experience and to learn from him other wise I will go into 
> doing it blind.  I know there is a lot of talk about deciding when to 
> release and such.  And no vote was taken on this, but we are stuck 
> between a rock and a hard spot.  Please understand why this decision 
> was made.  Feel free to express your views on this, and if there is 
> over whelming opposition we can probably work something out.
> Brandon

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