[ros-dev] Boot Up Error with Dhcp.exe

James Tabor jimtabor at adsl-64-217-116-74.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net
Thu Oct 20 03:14:39 CEST 2005

Hi all!

WARNING:  WSHGetSockaddrType at drivers/net/wshtcpip/wshtcpip.c:103 is UNIMPLEME
Unhandled exception
ExceptionCode:    c0000005
Faulting Address:        0
Address:          7c92659d   C:\ReactOS\system32\ntdll.dll
CS:EIP 1b:7c92659d
DS 23 ES 23 FS 3b GS 0
EAX: 00000000   EBX: 00000022   ECX: ffffffff
EDX: 7ffe0304   EBP: 0066fe18   ESI: 00841c98   ESP: 0066fdc8
EDI: 00000000   EFLAGS: 00010246
      400000+1bbf       C:\ReactOS\system32\dhcp.exe
      400000+2282       C:\ReactOS\system32\dhcp.exe
      400000+2a95       C:\ReactOS\system32\dhcp.exe
      400000+11e7       C:\ReactOS\system32\dhcp.exe
      400000+1258       C:\ReactOS\system32\dhcp.exe
    7c800000+31285      C:\ReactOS\system32\KERNEL32.dll


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