[ros-dev] Voting system

Nate DeSimone desimn at rpi.edu
Wed Oct 19 22:55:23 CEST 2005

Hello everyone,

    I have been reading this list for about 2.5 years now and I thought 
I might have something useful to add.  I totally agree that active 
developers should be the ONLY people allowed to vote, it is their 
project after all.  However it might be useful to run the voting sort of 
the way a town meeting is run.  Where there are town officials who have 
the right to vote and normally they are the only ones who go to the 
meetings.  However town meetings are open to all members of the town, 
and while citizens cannot vote, they have a right to be persent and they 
have a right to express their opinion.  So in other words have the 
proposal of new votes and the right to vote rest solely with the 
developers, but allow anyone to post comments on a topic before voting 
starts.  There of course should be a clear distiction between who is a 
developer and who is not right on the comments that are made.  There 
should also be ground rules for any comments made, including clear, 
consise, on topic.  A comment should also only be made by someone who 
feels they have a professional, expert opinion on the topic.

Nate DeSimone

Ged Murphy wrote:

> On 10/19/05, *Freworld* <michael at freeworld.net 
> <mailto:michael at freeworld.net>> wrote:
>     I've just created a forum 'Votings' that is open for everyone that
>     is in
>     the forum group 'Developer'. 
> Is it still there? I can't see it.
> Ged.
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