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Wed Oct 19 20:21:04 CEST 2005

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>> Casper Hornstrup wrote:
>> >You can lookup the information in the PROGRAMMERS
>> >field in the repository. The PURPOSE field is
>> >not needed as you should be able to get the same
>> >information from the filename and the code in the
>> >file.
>> >
>> I agree it can be considered superflous, but having such identification
>> information is usually considered good practice in most software
>> projects. While -we- can lookup that information, a non-programmer will
>> have NO clue what on Earth a file does simply by browsing through it.
> [CSH] I'm wondering why it is considered good practice. If a
> non-programmer
> has no clue as to what the file contents does from reading the source
> code,
> why does he need to know the information contained in a one line summary
> description of the file contents?

These lines help a lot to get a very quick overview about what the file
does, without the need to read the whole file, especially I don't know
anything about this area but need quick infos, e.g. for tracking down with
file or function causes the error/crash/whatever... And this help to save
time of the experts in this area by giving more information about the
Additionaly it helps to find unneeded files

We have a lot of files with copyright 2005 Reactos or similiar. So on
sylvester we must change all files? can't the put the year in one general
file or generate it automatically in SVN?

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