[ros-dev] Voting system

Brandon Turner turnerb7 at msu.edu
Wed Oct 19 14:46:36 CEST 2005

I _strongly_ disagree with this.  Two reasons:
1) No way to make sure no one is cheating and not voting a bunch of times.
2) I don't think everyone voting is educated well enough on the topic.  
In the case coding questions like the macros vote we recently had, i 
didnt vote.  i barely trust my own knowledge and i dont want to leave it 
up to others that might know less then me to make the decsion.  In the 
case of a PC, I just dont think that a user that reads the message 
boards or the general mailing list will have enough info and feel for 
who should and shouldnt be a PC.  In both cases people with education on 
the topic will probably outnumber those who do know about it, and might 
skew things very badly.


Rick Langschultz wrote:

> Please let me state my opinion about the voting process. I think the 
> voting process should be open to developers and users of reactos. 
> Although I do not develop fully on reactos, or for reactos, I am 
> planning on developing open-sourced components for reactos that would 
> be available through my website and possibly submitted as a package 
> for ReactOS. I believe that developers and end users should be allowed 
> to vote because they provide the most feedback on not only the 
> technical but the aesthetics of ReactOS. I think putting voting in the 
> forum and only allowing developers anonymous voting is stupid. I think 
> logging each members votes should be logged as well as session 
> variables and ipaddresses. This will allow the voting to stay true. 
> Just a few thoughts...
> On Oct 19, 2005, at 4:39 AM, Murphy, Ged (Bolton) wrote:
>> This seems to have died a death again, so I'm going to bring it back up.
>> So far we have 2 viable options for the new voting system:
>> 1. Have a new section in the forums where only the developer group 
>> has write access.
>>     Conduct all votes in there using the forums built-in voting 
>> system and posting mechanism for comments
>>     Vote results are stored in the database and everything is handled 
>> by the software
>>     All votes are anonymous / private and each developer has only one 
>> vote.
>> 2. Design our own voting system and integrate it into the website.
>>     This will be controlled via the global login system and all devs 
>> will have access to initiate, vote and comment on votes.
>>     Vote results need to be stored in a database and everything 
>> should handled by the software
>>     All votes are anonymous / private and each developer has only one 
>> vote.
>> Any comments or additions?
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