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Magnus Olsen magnus at itkonsult-olsen.com
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Voting systemI tis good idea to new voting system
I do not know if 1 or 2 is best.  for they are simulare if we doing 2 we need write code for it.

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  This seems to have died a death again, so I'm going to bring it back up. 

  So far we have 2 viable options for the new voting system: 

  1. Have a new section in the forums where only the developer group has write access. 
      Conduct all votes in there using the forums built-in voting system and posting mechanism for comments 
      Vote results are stored in the database and everything is handled by the software 
      All votes are anonymous / private and each developer has only one vote. 

  2. Design our own voting system and integrate it into the website. 
      This will be controlled via the global login system and all devs will have access to initiate, vote and comment on votes.

      Vote results need to be stored in a database and everything should handled by the software 
      All votes are anonymous / private and each developer has only one vote. 

  Any comments or additions? 

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