[ros-dev] Team work

Casper Hornstrup ch at csh-consult.dk
Mon Oct 17 10:08:30 CEST 2005

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> I am not a developer, but i am an adult man, with some
> experience with team working and have been reading
> this mailing list since the begining, and what can i
> say?
> First:
> I have seen Alex Ionescu apologicing, often, so yes,
> drop IRONY, Alex is a great listener, and NO! it is
> not easy to find people who would apologice nowadays.

[CSH] Most of the times when there is a disagreement there
is no reason to apologise. We just settle the issue with a
vote and follow the outcome in the future (until voted
upon again).

> Third:
> I have seen Alex Ionescu as the one in the center of
> all discusions, and he could be fast to answer, but he
> proved to be as fast to apologice, and that i have not
> seen from some other developers.

[CSH] All? Actually can you point me to a posting where
Alex apologises? I'm just wondering where you get the
"Alex often apologises" from.

> Four:
> It IS NORMAL, to have discussions where you are
> working in such a big proyect, not everyone can have
> the same vision of a whole OS, but what have NO sense,
> is to harass people for doing their work well, just
> cause there is not a F* paper about their "election".

[CSH] So, you think it's okay for 5 people to grant one
person more rights than the other 30 whenever they want
(and without telling the other 30 people)?

> Fith:
> I thought this was an open source project, so people
> commit if they want, if they dont they dont, period.
> Harassing people wont grow the developer base.

[CSH] I get the feeling that in some cases, what you
would call harassment of people, I would call critiquing
peoples actions. Maybe you could provide concrete examples?
One example where someone is harassed and one where someone
critiques someone else's actions. I can provide better
arguments in concrete cases than when discussing it in
general. Or maybe they are all harassment cases to you?


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