[ros-dev] Release process

Robert Köpferl rob at koepferl.de
Sun Oct 16 18:01:41 CEST 2005

I as the one who released the build can say the following:

As GvG, also I didn't know about the mentioned documents, nor about 
wheter they were agreed or something else. Off course, I might have 
informed myself, but it was not the first time I did a release. Since I 
see it the same way GvG does "release often" (and also with bugs) I did 
it that way. I have to admit, that I did't put any eye into bugzilla to 
look for blockers, but in my backmind this seemed not so necessary. So 
decided mechanical to not look out for blockers and just release. Of 
couse just after I had a little test in qemu.

So far.
At least: The release works (but shutdown) and ist testable. As I think 
exactly what "release often" means...

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