[ros-dev] Prelude to voting for the Testing Coordinator Roles andResponsibilities.

Casper Hornstrup ch at csh-consult.dk
Sun Oct 16 17:43:54 CEST 2005

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> > It would be nice if the TC could provide a list (shortly after feature
> > freeze) of the biggest problems the testing team found. I, as a developer,
> > would certainly use that list to prioritize what bugs I'm going to work on
> > during feature freeze. I do reserve the right however to skip certain bugs,
> > because frankly I don't always agree with the classification (example: bug
> > 880 which is currently classified as "blocker", but in my view it should be
> > "minor" since there is a very easy work around available).
> So you would like the TC to toil away testing applications on builds,
> making lists of what works and what doesn't, just to have no power to
> get anything actually fixed?  Frankly I tire of sitting on IRC begging
> people to fix bugs.

IMHO the TC shouldn't be able to tell people what to do. Nobody, not even our
Project Coordinator should be able to do that. The project is still made up of
volunteer people and nobody is getting paid to work on ReactOS. If you can
convince someone to fix a problem then fine. Get a date for when it is expected
to be fixed and ask here if we should delay the release for a few days. If
not then just go ahead with the release as there might not be anyone that will
fix it for several months. Just like everyone else, you have at least the
following options to get something done:
	1. Implement it yourself
	2. Convince someone else to do it
	3. Pay someone else to do it


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