[ros-dev] AllocConsole bug

Martin Fuchs fuchs.martin at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 13:38:28 CEST 2005

> I've been trying to reproduce the bug on the hardware available to me (5
> different PCs), but I can't (yes, I unplugged the PS/2 mouse).

Well, I have only one machine to test ReactOS on real hardware.
And I also don't see the problem.

So the following statement ("...most real hardware") in Bug 688 is
very questionable:

BZ> The addition of i8042prt created some changes in console allocation during
BZ> text-mode setup, which leads to AllocConsole failing (for unknown reasons
BZ> there). This stops installation on most real hardware.

> If we can't fix it, maybe we should put the pre-i8042prt code back and use
> that for now? Would that cause major other problems (e.g. PnP issues)?

There is a comment in the related Bug 682, which may be a helpful idea:

BZ> When I started ros install (boot cd) I switched my keyboard and
monitor to other
BZ> computer and when setup started to scan for devices it didn't find
keyboard and
BZ> gave a blue screen. So maybe we should implement some kind of fallback
BZ> system so that if for example keyboard isn't found it will
fallback to a basic
BZ> keyboard and use that.

If I understand correctly the problem lies in the mouse detection code.
On some hardware the detection goes wrong. So let's at least disable the
mouse, but avoid to stop the setup. Using the keyboard without the mouse
should be enough in this stage.



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