[ros-general] Re: [ros-dev] Gudie Lines for SVN Write access

Casper Hornstrup ch at csh-consult.dk
Sun Oct 16 02:03:40 CEST 2005

Why must it be harder to get repository access? If people can’t commit their

patches themselves then they just send them to Gé and use up all his time.

We can’t have that since we need Gé to merge those Wine patches!


Yes, it would be very annoying to have 100 committers rather than our current

35. Then ReactOS would improve much faster ;-)





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My point is we starting getting alot of people, and yes the currenct rules works but not for long. 

we are now lest 35 people with commit access.  And we need a system how u getting svn 

access it must be bit harder getting svn write access. 

1. I know we got bugzlla, I wrote Bugzila or mailing list  

2. A patch need always be tested and exaim before it been accpect
I can not count how many time this year I got bad patcher from people
and I need test the code, I got some patcher that doing BSOD in some
case. Yes U need always test and examin the patcher from people that
does not have svn write access. 

3. Not with the time. we are goving alot. We need start thing about futer 
so we do not land up with example over 100 commicters. 


Yes it should be good with full name and commit name on 
reactos website some where. So public can get know how is



I still stand we need these gudlines I worte. 

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1.	We have a Patches component in Bugzilla for this. 
2.	The committer should do minimal testing even if he didn’t create the patch. At least check that ReactOS can still be built
and boot. 
3.	It is enough to have a well-known committer recommend you get repository access. This is usually the person that has
committed most of your patches. I see no reason for this to change since it is simple and works quite well. 


I can maintain a page in wiki containing full name and username of each committer if needed.


Btw. Christoph von Wittich has posted to the mailing list several times.





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Hi I should love to see some new gudieles 

how to get svn access. Today it seam anyone

that provide with a patch that is coder can 

getting svn access. But I think we need 

start think how we should handle it,

Here is some ideas how it can be

1. A maling list with patch or in Bugzila
    I love see a maling list with the patch


2.  When people have submit the patch

to us we start examing it see if it any godd
(we are doning that already) 

3. To get SVN write access u need lest 
provide patch in regual basic under 

6 month lest, Then after 6 month the provider
can write to mailing list see if can getting 
SVN write access before he grant SVN 

write access, the full name and mailing 

address must be provided, and we should 
have a vote if that provder can getting 
SVN write access. no accpect from  all 

this rules. 


Yestday some was granted svn access
his name was not on the mailing list
why he got one, he did not write either 
on the mailing list asking for svn access
that why I want see new guide lines how

svn write access handles. so every one 
know how he is and why he was granted

to be granted after few patcher are not

accpect in my eys.  For we are starting
getting alot with people with svn write
access. And new guide lines must be


Magnus Olsen



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