[ros-general] Re: [ros-dev] Gudie Lines for SVN Write access

Thomas Weidenmueller w3seek at reactos.com
Sun Oct 16 01:07:51 CEST 2005

Magnus Olsen wrote:

>> My point is we starting getting alot of people, and yes the currenct
>> rules works but not for long.
>> we are now lest 35 people with commit access.  And we need a system how
>> u getting svn
>> access it must be bit harder getting svn write access.

Why make it more difficult? All these people have submitted great
patches in the past. Many of us started like this, why not give others
the same chance?

>> 2. A patch need always be tested and exaim before it been accpect
>> I can not count how many time this year I got bad patcher from people
>> and I need test the code, I got some patcher that doing BSOD in some
>> case. Yes U need always test and examin the patcher from people that
>> does not have svn write access.

I think that goes without saying...

>> 3. Not with the time. we are goving alot. We need start thing about futer
>> so we do not land up with example over 100 commicters.

What's so bad about that? That just means that the development speed is
going to increase rapidly  ;)

- Thomas

P.S. having a discussion on two mailing lists is not a good idea I
think, especially when you're subscribed to both lists ;)

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