[ros-dev] Coordinators

Rick Langschultz rlangschultz at cox.net
Sat Oct 15 21:29:14 CEST 2005

There has been a great deal of talk lately about coordinators. In my  
opinion there should be:
kernel coordinator - controls the development of the kernel.
device driver coordinator - makes sure device drivers are written and  
code managed.
network coordinator - makes sure networking is complete before 0.3.0  
or other release.
User interface coordinator - enables the UI is stable and allows  
users to get a great ReactOS experience.
testing coordinator - this team will test reactos on various hardware  
bits. They will keep a log of what hardware bits work and those that  
need support - for instance on Virtual PC (latest Mac OS X) enabling  
USB support makes ReactOS crash. A list of that hardware needs to be  
supported -- eventually.
release coordinator - Once a release is scheduled this team makes  
sure releases are released on time.
web coordinator - this team managers the web aspects of ReactOS. This  
team is pretty much complete.
and IRC coordinator - this coordinator will keep logs of what has  
been discussed on the IRC channels. A daily list of main topics will  
be available on the wiki. This will keep developers up to speed on  
what is happening on IRC if they are away, or if someone has a quick  
message for other teams.

These are suggested teams. Each team should have a coordinator and  
keep a log of information for each team. The coordinators should be  
able to communicate with other coordinators of other teams. Once  
weekly they should have a personal chat on IRC or email discussing  
the next release or feature addition. This is the way my company  
operates and it is very efficient.

Rick Langschultz
rlangschultz at cox.net (Home)
rlangschultz at ellemaespa.com (Work)
rlangschultz at email.uophx.edu (School)

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