[ros-dev] Release process

Jason Filby jason.filby at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 20:33:30 CEST 2005

Hi Alex

Of course your contributions are appreciated. Of course nobody has a
complaint about Andrews work regarding testing. I have been somewhat
unavailable - due to factors outside of my control - but have still
tried to keep track of what's going on.

The complaint has been about how the TC was set up. I'm also sorry
that the Foundation and Project has been mixed up - this isn't your
fault. I share part of the blame with not clarifying this enough.


On 10/15/05, Alex Ionescu <ionucu at videotron.ca> wrote:
> I think this explains it clearly and backs up my story:
> [13:43] <@GreatLord> if I rember right  about TC
> [13:43] <@GreatLord> I, Alex, Steven, and more more devlopper did say it
> was okay for wax be TC
> [13:44] <@GreatLord> and a mail was sending out on mailing list about it
> [13:44] <@GreatLord> and that time if I rember we did try getting hold
> on jasson
> [13:45] <@GreatLord> for the tree was so instable
> [13:45] <@GreatLord> something needed to be done
> [13:46] <@GreatLord> at that time
> [13:46] <@GreatLord> thx to WaxDragon we manger getting stable tree
> You know, it kind of sucks when Jason was unavailable for months and GvG
> was on vacation, and we had to scramble quickly to save the project, and
> now I get the blame. Remind me not to do that again.
> Best regards,
> Alex Ionescu
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