[ros-dev] Reactos 0.2.8 RC-1 is out

Bernd Blaauw bblaauw at home.nl
Sat Oct 15 01:15:47 CEST 2005

Robert Köpferl schreef:
> And for the intermediate time I question you to download the RC1 and 
> try it out, PLUS report bugs into our nice bugzilla!
Sorry, no ReactOS account so far. Visual character recognition pattern 
(for account confirmation) scared me off last time.

*Icon on installation ISO seems rather big filesize. Also located in 
root directory :(
  Polluting root directory might not be nice if ReactOS would be added 
to some Linux distro as a bonus operating system.
  ("keep everything as much as possible in its own single directory")
*Installation seems to work with 32MB in VMware. Disable hosts 
virusscanner first, it makes things slooooooooooooow.
*GPL isn't viewable on bootcdrom, yet is installed (and viewable) on 
ReactOS (acknowledgement screen)
*configuration stage #2: computername cannot contain numeric characters. 
Probably only A..Z allowed
*configuration stage #2: passwords may be empty (indeed 14 or less 
*configuration stage #2: is "12:52AM" a valid setting? shouldn't that be 
0:52(AM) or something?
*configuration stage #2: reboot part after timezone screen *hangs* 
mouse. After reboot same configuration setup appears again, from the 
 It also remembers the computername I entered [VMROS] :)
 Any limits on computername, by the way (minimum length, max length, 
allowed characters)

Conclusion: cannot install (Vmware 5.5beta, winXP host, gues set as type 
'Win98' with memory changed to 32MB).

LiveCD: splashscreen shows, then cdrom is read very shortly. Then a blue 
screen with nothing on it, and system appears to hang.

Final conclusion: time for QEMU :)

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