[ros-dev] FreeWin95

Alex Ionescu ionucu at videotron.ca
Fri Oct 14 19:53:53 CEST 2005

Robert Köpferl wrote:

>> Another issue which ea has brought up is that NT is somehow to 
>> "connected" to Win32. I beg to differ. I've spent a week working on a 
>> sample native application. It currently can display running 
>> processes, drivers, create a new process and create/delete/list 
>> files. Here are some screenshots:
>> http://members.tripod.com/WinAlOS/rtlcli.png
>> http://members.tripod.com/WinAlOS/rtlcli2.png
>> http://members.tripod.com/WinAlOS/rtlcli3.png
>> Note that there is no CSR, no win32k.sys loaded. NT is running in its 
>> rawest form. You need less then 16MB of memory (notice that the 
>> processes are using <1MB, the rest is up to the drivers, which you 
>> can disable) and about the same amount of diskspace. This works 
>> perfectly in Windows 2003 without any need to "separate win32".
> Highly interesting. I'm just fascinated from that native app or the 
> screenshots and what they show.
> And many many quetions arise in my brain.
> One is: Why are you talking so much of 2k3 in the latest time?

Because it's the best OS Microsoft has ever written.

> Is there some real big design change occoured?

There were some big changes in IO/PnP regarding asyncronous device 
loading (almost all of the PnP code is now async, working on thread 
queues which process requests), and a lot of the kernel changed and 
became less polluted. Many algorithms were rewritten from scratch for 
better speed, such as the Heap manager.. the scheduler was completely 
redesigned too, as well as several parts of the dispatcher... and a lot 
more changes that aren't coming to my head now.

> Can it live without csrss while priror versions couln't?

They all can. It's just that Win2k3 boots much faster so I chose it in 
qemu. However a lot of csrss became deprecated in 2k3, and even more in 
Vista. (some stuff in it was NT 3 stuff that really needed to die...)

> That would be courious to me because MS pollutes and webs more and 
> more together but separating each part cleanly.

Well, 2k3 DOES "pollute" ntdll with the Etw* stuff, which I think 
shouldn't be there.

Best regards,
Alex Ionescu

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