[ros-dev] Idea for the textual setup of ReactOS

David Hinz post.center at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 14:10:41 CEST 2005

Bernd Blaauw schrieb:

> David Hinz schreef:
>> Well, I had this idea some days ago, but until now nobody really 
>> liked my idea to create a graphical setup on the base of LiveCD...
> Nobody talked about installing from the LiveCD yet. Actually that's 
> impossible currently, due to memory constraints and directory troubles.
> ReactOS installation cdrom uses the \REACTOS directory on cdrom, and 
> the LiveCD does the same thing.
> Installed ReactOS also does the same thing. Last limit would be ISO 
> size probably.
> A real GUI setup program on the installation cdrom might be doable, 
> but drifts further away from a nice goal: installation on 80486/16MB 
> systems (like Win95)
> bring up your ideas in the ReactOS forums, I usually don't get a 
> response here on the developers(!) mailinglist either :)
> Bernd
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I can't see your problem with the directory names.
I would boot up the ReactOS LiveCD, which would have a fullscreen 
graphic setup instead of the explorer GUI.
So we don't need to implement the graphic subsystem into the setup, we 
just need to create a fullscreen setup app.
Of course I don't want to replace the LiveCD with this, so I don't see 
any problems.


David Hinz

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