[ros-dev] FreeWin95

KJKHyperion hackbunny at reactos.com
Fri Oct 14 11:05:18 CEST 2005

Alex Ionescu wrote:

> If you really want to argue using Ockam's Razor (note for others: 
> Ockam's razor basically says that the simplest assumption is usually 
> the correct one), then I'm afraid I'm the one winning this argument.

oh, FFS (note for others: "For Fuck's Sake"), just grow up already

Emanuele: let's discuss your CSRSS.EXE fetishism this time. You know 
what's my position about subsystems, let's let the others know too. To 
keep it simple, I'll use a bullet list:
 - the concept of "subsystem server" just complicates the taxonomy of 
Windows processes unnecessarily. I'd like to think to ReactOS only 
having two kinds of processes: services and non-services (three: the 
SCM, in a category on its own). All of the other ad-hoc semantics 
(start-up sequence, user session lifetime, connection to the display, 
etc.) can be implemented either with service semantics or with a custom 
logic specific to a certain service. Keyword: SIMPLICITY
 - personalities as services? meh. Personalities should be the closest 
possible to utility libraries, you should be allowed to mix them (mixing 
Win32 and POSIX is very necessary to implement a BeOS personality, for 
instance, and POSIX itself needs to at least be aware of Win32 if we 
want it to be actually useful), and please let's stop the insanity: 
POSIX was designed to be implemented in kernel mode, and there's nothing 
shocking or horrific about running POSIX in a kernel (I mean, lots of 
systems do, none has crashed and burned. Even QNX - signals and the 
lowest-level forms of IPC are implemented in the microkernel). Keyword: 
 - Win32 consoles. Yuck. Let's see: I/O and signaling in user mode, user 
interface in a system process, could it be any more wrong than this? why 
yes, it _is_: in Win32 its handles share a namespace with NT handles, 
despite having perversely differing semantics. What a disaster. Keyword: 

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