[ros-dev] Idea for the textual setup of ReactOS

Bernd Blaauw bblaauw at home.nl
Thu Oct 13 18:02:42 CEST 2005

Jonathon Keogh schreef:
> * ....
> * Ask questions about drives
> * Ask question about location of ReactOS
> * Ask question about booting
> * Apply drive stuff
> * Apply ReactOS location (and copy files)
> * Apply booting stuff
> * Reboot PC
You mean answer all questions as soon as possible, then be done with it 
until ReactOS has installed?

1) Start caching installation files in RAM (as long as CD is the only 
install medium supported, otherwise [2] first )
2) Textmode mass storage drivers for potential destination locations 
(and for source installation medium?)
3) Partitioning
4) Install destination location (disk + location)
5) Boot manager questions
6) Other stuff (VGA, keyboard, language, country etc)
7) Copy files (should be fast when they reside in RAM already)
8) Boot manager stuff (if [7] doesn't hang on systems with 32MB or less, 
bug 703 I think)
8A: disk only (MBR)
8B: diskette only
8C: both A and B (functions as a ROS startup bootdisk, and you can't 
create a FreeLDR diskette from an install ReactOS AFAIK)
8D: something with writing bootsector to a file only.
9) Reboot
> This is just an idea, remember.
Mine also. Idea is to start as early possible with reading the contents 
of a medium that's as slow as a cdrom.
If 32MB is a nice bottom platform for installation ( 0.2x series did 
also install and boot with 20 or 24MB RAM),
then anything above it can act as file copy cache.

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