[ros-dev] ReactOS UI Team - Concept, Plan, and: help wanted

Rick Langschultz rlangschultz at cox.net
Thu Oct 13 14:06:28 CEST 2005

I also see a problem with this. Mozilla's XPUI has some great  
features however I do think it is drawing away from the goals of  
reactos. WSH and Applescript provide interfaces for accessing and  
automating system events however some people might not want such  
features in their installation. I think something like a scriptable  
interface should be an addon to the installation of reactos much like  
IIS is an addon to any NT based installation like 2000, XP Pro, and  
2003. I am however writing ports for OpenLDAP, Jabber, Apache 2.0,  
Tomcat, MaxDB, Postgresql, and MySQL for reactos, but without  
networking and service support my efforts are restricted to windows  
On Oct 13, 2005, at 6:27 AM, KJKHyperion wrote:

> Maritn "E.T." Misuth wrote:
>> why not fully Mozilla's embrace XPUI ( maybe with some micro  
>> aditions) and use it for everythnig GUI related?
> no
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