Re: [ros-dev] Font problem on Japanese version of ReactOS

tsk tsk_n at
Thu Oct 13 02:02:02 CEST 2005

Thank you for telling me that bug.

I tried to use outline mplus, which doesn't include bitmap data:
and tried to use Mona Font with WaxDragon's freetype.dll:

Modified freetype.dll works well!

But I think there still exist some bug with font rendering.
One of them is a line break. ReactOS automatically insert line feeds
at space. But Japanese text doesn't use space basically, so ReactOS
can't insert line feeds to proper position.

Many screenshots:

> mf suggested one could comment out #define
> lib/freetype/include/freetype/config/ftoption.h to DISABLE the SBIT
> support.  Doing some quick testing, this allows Helmut 12pt to render
> "correctly", i.e. readable.  This may or may not help with the CJK
> font.
> tsk, if you would like to try, I put up a modified freetype.dll at
>  Give that one a try
> and see if it helps with your fonts.
> WD

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