[ros-dev] RE: Ros-dev Digest, Vol 14, Issue 25

Royce Mitchell III royce3 at ev1.net
Wed Oct 12 18:26:55 CEST 2005

Maarten Bosma wrote:

> Don't see how svn blame could be usefull here. You just need a paser 
> that generates mysql database entries from rc files and run him 
> everytime one of the files changes.
> Maarten Bosma

Allow me to illustrate...

Here is a line from the svn blame from 

   328  18263           10/4/2005 8:47:22 AM 
mf                                 IDS_TITLE               "Reactos 

Notice that for the string IDS_TITLE, I know that it was last edited at 
revision 18263.

Now here's the svn blame for the same resource from 

   313  18263           10/4/2005 8:47:22 AM 
mf                                 IDS_TITLE               "ReactOS 

I can see that IDS_TITLE for the spanish resource was edited at the same 
revision, so it is up to date. These are comparisons that can be automated.

You can also check and see if the string is missing or identical to 
English ( i.e. still needing to be edited ).

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