[ros-dev] RE: Ros-dev Digest, Vol 14, Issue 25

Royce Mitchell III royce3 at ev1.net
Wed Oct 12 16:23:37 CEST 2005

David Hinz wrote:

> Thomas Weidenmueller schrieb:
>>Lucio Diaz wrote:
>>>David Hinz wrote:
>>>Hey guys,
>>>when I just translated format, I stunbled over one
>>>What if somebody changed the content of a string after
>>>I translated it?
>>>After some minutes, I had a easy solution for that
>>>The En.rc gets a little line in it's head-comment with
>>>a revision
>>>number. Each time somebody changes or adds a string in
>>>the En.rc, he
>>>sets the revision number +1 and so all translators
>>>have an easy to
>>>control indicator, if they need to translate something
>>>or not.
>>>But I think one thing should be clear, if there just
>>>has been corrected
>>>a spelling mistake and not something important, the
>>>revision number
>>>won't be touched.
>>>Now some example headers:
>>>in the EN.rc:
>>>  * Moved all hardcoded strings to En.rc.
>>>  * By Magnus Olsen  2005
>>>  *
>>>  * Revision: 1
>>>  */
>>>in my De.rc:
>>>  * Moved all hardcoded strings to En.rc.
>>>  * By Magnus Olsen  2005
>>>  * First German Translation by David Hinz 20051010
>>>  *
>>>  * Translated Revision 1 of En.rc
>>>  */
>>>This is just an idea, but I think this could save a
>>>lot of work on
>>>bigger applications than format...
>>Uhm...why not simply watch SVN or take a look at the svn logs?
>>- Thomas
>>Ros-dev mailing list
>>Ros-dev at reactos.org
> The thing is, I want to see, if somebody changed the conteent of a 
> string, so that a retranslation is necessary.
> Maybe a changelog for the .rc-files would be a good idea.
> But that tool sounds good, maybe we should create a translation tool 
> for all the translators, with a database on the reactos.org server, 
> where we can save all strings and mark them as "needs to be 
> retranslated". Just an idea...

The best way to accomplish this, IMHO, is to feed the results of "svn 
blame" into a utility that can do those comparisons for you, and give 
you a list of what non-english strings are missing or older than the 
english strings.

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