[ros-dev] ReactOS UI Team - Concept, Plan, and: help wanted

Maritn "E.T." Misuth et_ros at ethome.sk
Wed Oct 12 14:54:05 CEST 2005

To my knowledge, it is completely posible to write helper apps in JavaScript to
function with XUL. At least as extension modules for apps already using the
whole thing. For example I think that ChatZilla extension for mozilla is written
that way, in pure JavaScript. But if XUL can be used as a core part of some
system's dialog/windows rendering I think it is completely possible to create
relatively simple facility to have complete standalone apps in JavaScript. It's
a long time since I've played with XUL, but if you have FireFox, you can start
to play with it right now, and create for example simple dialogs & windows with
radio buttons etc using that language and CSS styles.

PS: Yes it was an accindent, I wanted to send the mail to the list, sorry ;).

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