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Murphy, Ged (Bolton) MurphyG at cmpbatteries.co.uk
Wed Oct 12 14:40:22 CEST 2005

I'm not quite sure what everyone is getting at here. 

Every file has it's entire history logged, easily accessible through your
local tree under the context menu, or through Viewcvs on the web. Changes
also go out through the svn mailing list.

Any closer queries can me viewed via 'diff'ing to any revision you want.

However, it would be easy to write a quick tool to assess local timestamps
after svn updates for set file types. This would quickly tell you what has
changed without the need for viewing the svn logs.


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Well, the thing is I wanted to have something that makes it very easy to 
see, if something has changed since the last time I translated that file.
Watching the svn all the time is not that easy than just looking at a 
There could also be a little helper app that scans all .rc files in my 
language and all en.rcs for revision differences and shows me, where I 
have to translate something.
Then I can look in the svn what actually has been changed.
It just makes things easier for translators.


David Hinz

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