[ros-dev] ReactOS UI Team - Concept, Plan, and: help wanted

Rick Langschultz rlangschultz at cox.net
Wed Oct 12 14:30:47 CEST 2005

Actually a utility or an explorer like integration with a scripting  
language would be a great idea for reactos, however I don't think it  
is ready for such a feature yet.
I have been working on a port of a product which is very critical to  
development of reactos, however i don't want to share what it is yet...

lets just say reactos will be up to speed on internet serving when  
TCP/IP gets up and running... in the form of application servers.
On Oct 12, 2005, at 6:35 AM, David Hinz wrote:

> Maritn "E.T." Misuth schrieb:
>> Just a stupid idea,
>> why not fully Mozilla's embrace XPUI ( maybe with some micro  
>> aditions)
>> and use it for everythnig GUI related?
>> I mean, if I got it right from what I was reading, XPUI is XML system
>> for describing GUI layout and is binded to C++ code which forms
>> application. This way application programmer is fully shielded from
>> programming UI's and inversely UI designer can design almost anything
>> without the need to recompile the whole stuff. This allows to change
>> UI's really quickly and test several concepts without even  
>> changing the
>> actual code in app. Try opening FireFox AboutBox within browser tab
>> using chrome:\\ url or even try to open the browser window with
>> menubars, tabs and everything within itself, and you'll get what I  
>> mean.
>> Gecko is said to be fast so this shouldn't be a problem.  
>> Possiblities to
>> completely change UIs are then endless and can be done relatively
>> quickly and I bet that even those theme wankers would be happy with
>> something like that. Even twisted M$ is going to use some XML crap  
>> for
>> their GUI description system and I bet sooner or later Linux and the
>> rest of the world will follow (if it already there isn't some own  
>> work
>> like that). XPUI is there, I know it might not be the best XML UI
>> solution, but it is open source and already present, so I was  
>> thinking
>> it might be good idea. Anyone who has some background in html and
>> javascript can extend such resources, plus icons can be PNG's  
>> which are
>> really portable. Sure the apps might get bigger but some can get
>> smaller, and with todays HDD's this shouldn't be a problem. And  
>> mainly,
>> once such XPUI port will be done, FireFox for ReactOS download  
>> could be
>> made, propably, smaller because that XPUI library would be core  
>> part of
>> the system ;)...
>> You know my dream is having cool HW openGL accelerated XML based  
>> Windows
>> Classic like UI with SVG icons, which is pure utopia as I, myself, am
>> not able to code such a thing ;)) (but I dream and hope that someone
>> will) :)
>> And remember this is just stupid idea.
>> E.T.
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> Actually I don't think, that this is just a stupid idea.
> I thought of writing the whole UI in a new language, that is HTML/ 
> PHP like and can use something like AppleScript.
> The whole UI would be some kind of webpage, but the language would  
> be completely new designed, so that ii is not static and needs to  
> be reloaded after some time.
> You could have something like frames and iframes, which can be  
> moved over the whole screen.
> That would be a big thing to implement, but everybody can then  
> easily write a new UI the way he likes.
> Just anoher stupid idea...
> Greets,
> David Hinz
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