[ros-dev] Resource updates

Ge van Geldorp gvg at reactos.org
Wed Oct 12 14:31:04 CEST 2005

> Well, the thing is I wanted to have something that makes it 
> very easy to see, if something has changed since the last 
> time I translated that file.
> Watching the svn all the time is not that easy than just 
> looking at a number.
> There could also be a little helper app that scans all .rc 
> files in my language and all en.rcs for revision differences 
> and shows me, where I have to translate something.
> Then I can look in the svn what actually has been changed.
> It just makes things easier for translators.

If someone would want to create a script that checks the last-changed svn
revision of .rc files against the corresponding English resource file, I
could put that on reactos.org and have it run once or twice a day and put
the results on the website.

Gé van Geldorp.

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