[ros-dev] ReactOS UI Team - Concept, Plan, and: help wanted

David Hinz post.center at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 13:35:03 CEST 2005

Maritn "E.T." Misuth schrieb:

>Just a stupid idea,
>why not fully Mozilla's embrace XPUI ( maybe with some micro aditions)
>and use it for everythnig GUI related?
>I mean, if I got it right from what I was reading, XPUI is XML system
>for describing GUI layout and is binded to C++ code which forms
>application. This way application programmer is fully shielded from
>programming UI's and inversely UI designer can design almost anything
>without the need to recompile the whole stuff. This allows to change
>UI's really quickly and test several concepts without even changing the
>actual code in app. Try opening FireFox AboutBox within browser tab
>using chrome:\\ url or even try to open the browser window with
>menubars, tabs and everything within itself, and you'll get what I mean.
>Gecko is said to be fast so this shouldn't be a problem. Possiblities to
>completely change UIs are then endless and can be done relatively
>quickly and I bet that even those theme wankers would be happy with
>something like that. Even twisted M$ is going to use some XML crap for
>their GUI description system and I bet sooner or later Linux and the
>rest of the world will follow (if it already there isn't some own work
>like that). XPUI is there, I know it might not be the best XML UI
>solution, but it is open source and already present, so I was thinking
>it might be good idea. Anyone who has some background in html and
>javascript can extend such resources, plus icons can be PNG's which are
>really portable. Sure the apps might get bigger but some can get
>smaller, and with todays HDD's this shouldn't be a problem. And mainly,
>once such XPUI port will be done, FireFox for ReactOS download could be
>made, propably, smaller because that XPUI library would be core part of
>the system ;)...
>You know my dream is having cool HW openGL accelerated XML based Windows
>Classic like UI with SVG icons, which is pure utopia as I, myself, am
>not able to code such a thing ;)) (but I dream and hope that someone
>will) :)
>And remember this is just stupid idea.
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Actually I don't think, that this is just a stupid idea.

I thought of writing the whole UI in a new language, that is HTML/PHP like and can use something like AppleScript.
The whole UI would be some kind of webpage, but the language would be completely new designed, so that ii is not static and needs to be reloaded after some time.
You could have something like frames and iframes, which can be moved over the whole screen.
That would be a big thing to implement, but everybody can then easily write a new UI the way he likes.

Just anoher stupid idea...


David Hinz

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