[ros-dev] RE: Ros-dev Digest, Vol 14, Issue 25

Lucio Diaz reactos_translate at yahoo.es
Wed Oct 12 01:48:46 CEST 2005

David Hinz wrote:

Hey guys,
when I just translated format, I stunbled over one
What if somebody changed the content of a string after
I translated it?
After some minutes, I had a easy solution for that
The En.rc gets a little line in it's head-comment with
a revision
number. Each time somebody changes or adds a string in
the En.rc, he
sets the revision number +1 and so all translators
have an easy to
control indicator, if they need to translate something
or not.
But I think one thing should be clear, if there just
has been corrected
a spelling mistake and not something important, the
revision number
won't be touched.
Now some example headers:
in the EN.rc:
  * Moved all hardcoded strings to En.rc.
  * By Magnus Olsen  2005
  * Revision: 1
in my De.rc:
  * Moved all hardcoded strings to En.rc.
  * By Magnus Olsen  2005
  * First German Translation by David Hinz 20051010
  * Translated Revision 1 of En.rc
This is just an idea, but I think this could save a
lot of work on
bigger applications than format...
David Hinz


I agree, in fact i am working in a program to manage
translation in reactos, i am using Delphi 2.0 but as i
am not much skilled (long time since i used pascal)
and my time is on the limit it is going slowly but it
should work as follow:

Part 1:
- You select your language
- You select the working directory of reactos source.
- The program scans all files for en.rc files and list
their directories (as their names are all the same).
- With each file the program check a text file with a
list of en.rc files, and if it is not there it adds
it, and it is shown in the GUI as highlighted (pending
- If the file is found in the list, it check if
translating language file is current--> if it is not
current then the file is highlighted (pending
- If the file is found in the list, and found a
translation file current--> the file is listed but not
- It does with all rc files till no more rc files in
the directory.

Part 2:

- On clicking in a file in the listbox (highlighted or
not) it will be shown in an Richtext edit panel and
besides another panel with the material already
translated (if there is any language related file
already done), if not, the english text will be shown
with the "probable translatable" areas highligthed
(those between "").
-A save button, that will save the changes in the
second panel automatically into the right directory in
a language working copy.

What do you think?

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